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I'm Amy - a graphic & web designer with a focus in online marketing. Based in Sydney, I combine my background of design with analytics, knowledge of the business world and psychology to create epic user experiences.

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About Me

I specialise graphic and web design. Emails and Landing pages are my thing! I am a graphic designer by heart, but when combined with my knowledge in Marketing, Analytics and Psychology – I create user experiences for better B2B and B2C experiences.



I have been referred to as ”The Photoshop Ninja”


Confident in creating general print material”


Confident in creating vector and logo based designs


Confident in creating wireframes as draft tools


Able to create fancy reports and documents for use


Able to review usability tests to deduce information


Able to create basic websites


Confident to review web analytics programs including Google Analytics, Heat Maps and Usability Testing platforms to make recommendations for change.





My Skills

Adobe Photoshop & Suite
Microsoft Office
Verbal Communication
Written Communication
Behavioural Analytics

Design Services

In my +5 years of working as an UX Designer, I have developed skills which have helped small to large business' reach the sales or branding goals they need.

Landing Page Design

A landing page is essentially the first page a potential customer (web surfer) can land on. Because of how Google works today,  every page on your website is a landing page and to know works is key to getting more customers.

I know what works to make a visitor turn into a customer – to make them call that phone number and or to make them think “WOW, I really like this company” through colours, layout design and simple micro copy writing.

Email Newsletter Designs

Not every person who enters your website will be ready to buy, which is why is it so important at the basic level to get a hold of their email address or some point of contact, so you can remind them that you exist so that eventually your customer will come back and make a purchase.

What you send to them is important. My email marketing designs are tailored 100% to your business and I can guide you on how to more effectively gain your customers back!

Behavioural Analysis

You have to know what is wrong with a website before you make changes to it, otherwise, it would be like a doctor giving you medicine without first asking what’s wrong. I use a range of tools including the widely popular Google Analytics, Heat Maps and Usability Testing.

This method accurately diagnoses your website based on data, not feel – so that all marketing decisions are more sound to perform well.

Banner Advertisements

Re-marketing display banners are one of the easiest ways to bring back customers who may have left your website due to an unknown distraction. However banner ads are often ignored, for they appear spammy

The banners I design for you won’t be ignored – In creation, I consider your companies’ messaging, branding and key objective to create ads to bring back more customers and make an ROI on your AdWords budget!

eCommerce Page & Funnel Designs

An eCommerce website is a virtual world. In the real world you need to follow set standards to ensure every customer who walks into your store is able to make a positive purchasing decision. The same concept applies to online.

I review funnels, make page designs and let you know what changes need to be made so that you get more purchasing customers on a daily basis.

Landing Pages

A landing page is essentially the first page a potential customer (web surfer) can land on. Because of how Google works today, every page on your website is a landing page and to know works is key to getting more customers.

I know what works to make a visitor turn into a customer – to make them call that phone number and or to make them think “WOW, I really like this company” through colours, layout design and simple micro copy writing.

Some industries I have worked on:

  • • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • • IT
  • • B2C and B2B
  • • Fitness
  • • Petcare
  • • Home renovation
  • • Electronics
  • • Investment
  • • Universities


There isn’t a whole lot on here. To request to see more of my work, please get in touch.


E-Web Marketing, St Leonards

January 2009 – Present

E-Web Marketing has a culture like no where else, winning awards for top 10 best places to work consecutively for 3 years. Here I developed my understanding of the online marketing world, which introduced me to advertising in a digital space. 




  • Landing Page Optimisation
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • Web Analytics & Tracking
  • Usability Testing
  • Educational workshops
  • Remarketing Banner Ad Creation
  • Website reviews


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Mike Sikar

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Michael Teasdale

Michael Teasdale

Amy is an organised, energetic and passionate and fast paced designer. Her approach to…

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Wendy Huang

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To see examples of my work, please  contact me


Landmark Graphic Design

February 2007 – January 2009 (2 years)

A start-up firm I freelanced at during the time I was studying. At Landmark Graphic Design, I created artworks for small to medium business’ around Sydney. This role developed my communication skills in working with clients and setting the right expectations.


  • Corporate identity
  • Business Cards
  • Logo Design
  • Posters
  • Banner /advertisement designs
  • Publication/pamphlets


To see examples of my work, please  contact me



Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science

Australian College of Applied Psychology
2014 – Current

Currently undertaking this course to develop me skills in understanding behaviours.

  • - Social psychology
  • - Society and culture
  • - Psychopathology
  • - Measurement and assessment
  • - Personality and individual differences


Diploma of Counselling

Academy of Counselling
2013 – 2014

I took on this course to help me learn the communication and people skills required in all areas of my life.

  • - Counselling therapies
  • - Case management
  • - Recognise and respond to individuals at risk
  • - Interview skills


Bachelor, Design

University of New South Wales,
2006 – 2009

The University where I got a degree doing what I love.

  • - Graphic Design – Corporate identity, web, publication design, typography
  • - Spatial Design – Conceptual designs of a certain space, urban design
  • - Object Design – Lighting


Diploma, Business Marketing & Certificate IV Advertising

Brookvale TAFE,
2005 – 2005

Here, I learned the nuts and bolts of marketing in a business world.

  • - Formulate, implement and evaluate marketing strategies
  • - Manage, evaluate and control marketing programs
  • - Plan, research and evaluate market trends
  • - Manage budgets
  • - Analyse consumer behaviour internationally
  • - How to identify market opportunities
  • - Identifying and profiling target audiences
  • - Recommending media options
  • - Processes in advertising production
  • - Building client relationships
  • - Presentation and communication skills



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Where is Amy?

I am currently located in Sydney Australia. You can get in touch with me by sending an email via the form on the right or connect with me on LinkedIn to find out more.


Speak soon!

You can also download a PDF version of my resume for your convenience:
Download PDF Resume
Sydney Australia


Q. Do you offer freelance services? How do you charge?

Yes I offer some selective freelance services.  I work on an hourly basis and will give you a quote estimate before any work begins. I only work with projects of AUD$500+ value. For some projects, 60% deposit is required. Please get in touch for more details.


Q. What is your estimated turn around time?

Depending on the project, turnaround will take 5 – 10 business days for an average sized project. Again, this is case by case, so please contact me for more details.

Q. Do you have any more portfolio items I can see, there isn’t much on the website?

Yes I do! I am still in process of uploading them all to the website. Get in touch with me with what type of specific examples you would like to see and I can arrange something.


Q. Preferred method of contact?

The easiest to communicate would be through a chat over the telephone, but shoot me an email first and we can schedule a time.


 Got a burning question? Contact me.